Unlike in the late 90’s or probably 8-9 years back, the people today have shown variance in choosing a career. Few limited options were too often opted out for various reasons which may shadow money, fame, assets and many more except?. What do u expect the answer to be? , may be i’m speaking about the regular words like job satisfaction, happiness, enjoying the work. If this is your guess then, oops you gotta guess or think beyond. Before telling the word
without beating the bushes around it ,let me tell you i have read an article on being “Fucking awesome in life” so that is what i’m throwing my mind at.

It’s just not only catchy but chirpy too! ,being lively and cheerful helps a lot in beating stress. My point is what does it take to be “Fucking awesome in life” ? i’m going to see it in my perspective of life. The perceptions tend to change with people and their lifestyles.In my life and precisely at my age ,it may not be about getting too high on the philosophical mode or talking about the success scenario of both financial and married life. For me it would be more on developing the character , attitude and choosing the right career ( which is still a long term goal ) , but the short one’s being having a joyful and most memorable student life ( which include girls, movies, series and some other censored stuff). Dunno how i developed theses habits of not smoking or boozing. Considering my daily routine i gave a hard thought of what i can do, to be “Fucking awesome”. I listed out few options like learning something extreme, getting high on orthodox things. Soon i realized to be “Fucking awesome” you need not be an extremist( u kno wht i mean ) you need not be getting placed with some high paid salary, need not be having a gorgeous girl friend ( trust me you  will feel highly insecure ), need not be highly popular at school, need not be a 9 pointer, need not be a 5 pointer, need not be holding the convenor post in college government, need not be skillful at sports or extra curricular activities and many more. Instead you being yourself doing things which you put your heart into ( with honesty ) will surely make you feel “Fucking awesome”.

I started my blog last year and i posted only 3 articles. Now if i honestly enjoy writing i should have done a better job and i believe honestly that i enjoy writing. I again turned myself into this after an year. Let me see with my end sems approaching fast would i be doing this after the exams.    Coming back to the rest of masses, what will be their way of          being “Fucking Awesome”, i shall talk about certain persons  who indeed are “fucking awesome”. Recently we had this  issue with the passing of “Jan Lokpal bill” there you are i’m talking about Mr.Anna Hazare i don’t see any need to tell why he is “Fucking Awesome”. Recently i read an article in  Times of India , a guy who earns around 90k per month had a dream to get into a prestigious business school, eventually he got admission into London school of business now what? yeah money he started saving bugs right from the start. So, what’s fucking awesome about it? He had all the dreams as others and adding to it he is earning good. But, with his dream in his mind this guy spent minimal around 7k per month, he didn’t buy a car neither he went to decent restaurants nor he enjoyed luxury.Finally he was able to save 25 lakh rupees to fund his education. “Fucking Awesome ” isn’t it?.

We can cite many such examples but, what’s important is are we “Fucking awesome”?. Seriously as we go on we are able to discover lot of other career options which may not be as safe as being a software profession but, i bet when pursued with passion they gonna get you fame, money , satisfaction, meaning and above all make you feel  Yo! it’s “……………..” . Only pre requsite here is you need to find it!! the hardest part of it.

Far from above, anticipating an august rush
thinking about summer of ’11’ gives me a rush of blood
true it was a like paying amends for the past burst
seeking asylum to beat this weather
hardly making any progress in the midst of summer

yesterday it was lovely but soon turned sly
lurking around for the sun to set
composing a memoir to be sung by then

‘ precis of the verse goes this way
when you were around
it reeked, reeked hard
i ought to tell you
with a mere repentance
of being reneging
acting in a subtle way
Suddenly a ray of hope
for a split of a day
came here the convival celebrations
woot!! it’s raining here
oh! my god!! you smell
heavenly my dear earth
heavenly indeed
with turnover making bliss
for some more time
keeping us safe and hideous
to rejuvenate life for
one more time!!!’

How things affect us
such small cordial gifts,which nature gives
are sure to fill joy in every breathe you take
this would be so very energising and hope raising
howdy!! folks!

White gaffe!

Morning phobia with bizarre mind
having needed forte to be out of bed
thinking of my gal every night with a frail heart

oh! it ain’t a dream
truly a symphony
sure it is a gale which blew my soul apart
oh! it ain’t my destiny
truly a cacophony
sure it is a girl which blew my soul apart
deeper into me hardly she can see
all i needed was love love and only love

she fell in love with someone else
walking with me on egg shells
being in disguise was so tough
to make her happy i always bluff
In augury to get her i forgot myself!
…………………………….. eventually i got lost!!!!!!

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As i said i would tell you something about DA-IICT lyf!! 🙂 .I’m trying to prove a point here,photography is not easy!! 😀 and above all we engineers..i mean we can do stuff like this 😆 .It’s simply amazing and takes us to some other world